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This is a page I am making to put out my thoughts on a bunch of songs because I feel like it

Not necessarily just if I like the song or not (although there will be a lot of that) but also songs/albums I just have thoughts on most of it will be Patricia Taxxon because she is the greatest to ever do it though there will be a few other arists mentioned

If you read through these mind that my knowledge on a lot of musical terms is limited

also kind of weird place to put it but here is a spreadsheet I made containing data on various aspects of Patricia Taxxon albums

i update it once a month and add new albums one month after they release

The Anthill

What I was listening to when I started writing this

fun, cute little album from her early years

very calming (except small dangers that one is tonally different from everything else)

  • Small Minds (think alike)
    • I really like when it just throws everything together into this plie of sound and like then picking out distinct verses of that is fun
  • Small Piano
    • im a sucker for piano

The Art State

  • Sovereign Citizen of the Arts
    • god this song is so good it just bleeds of like teenage cockiness
    • I do wish there was a second verse but oh well
    • the kinda guitar-like synth that goes up and then down after the chorus is super addicting to my ears
  • Rockafella
    • Its so grandiose on the chorus
    • Each part with singing sounds so distinct from the each other and it works really well
    • especially the first part where its like all upbeat in the first half of a line then like kinda downtrodden and done with things in the second half

One Pop

  • Sine
    • this one is such a jam
    • It reminds me of like modded celeste level music and I like modded celeste levels
  • Golden
    • This is me favorite on One Pop
    • its just very good and I like it


  • Marcel Duchamp
    • A standout from Gallery and kinda doesn't fit with the rest of the album imo given the ambience of the rest of it but I like it
    • i was listening to this song when The Fountain was went over in my art history class so thats cool
    • it does that thing where its the measures for the beepy noise are like beat - beat - rest - beat - beat - rest - beat - beat so that its twice as long on the outer beats than the inner beat but still loops nicely

Two Tone

  • Diamond Sky
    • This song is very visually appealing i think the imagery of the city and lights is great
    • the repetition of a cut up "Diamond Sky" is really cool and good
  • Domino
    • I didn't know this was a cover for the longest time until I was watching a Stardew Valley video and the guy playing was doing kareoke and he sung the original
  • The Mountain
    • it always catches me off guard when this one comes on cuz imo it leads out of Domino very well and so its weird to listen to Domino and then this comes on and it sounds kinda like the same song but then it gets way different
  • Last Stop
    • The way the lyrics kinda bounce up and down in the verses is super satisfying
    • its sung very well and the chorus leads into the bridge (?) very nicely

Little Spoon

Christmas! Its just a week away!

this album takes me out of a bad mood everytime I listen to it

Top 6 album for me

  • Dead Inside
    • I'm a sucker for piano
    • unrelated to that though the song slaps
  • Pack My Box
    • this song needs to be talked about more
    • its so good and antiestablishment
    • it makes me want to run around in a field and smile
  • Honest
    • Very feels especially coming in from the previous songs in Little Spoon
    • It makes me feel safe and comfortable
  • Monster
    • Gay indie pop with a very fun guitar what's more to love
  • Don't forget, I can write soft silly music too
    • It has a piano
    • Also the dichotomy between the first and second half of the songs in their tone is neat
    • its kind of a low note to end on the second half but its a low note I can get behind cuz it sounds nice


I need to go into a field somewhere and listen to this at night but I am scared of being outside at nighttime

  • Astral 2
    • Surprisingly beepy and active for this album but its good
  • Astral 4
    • The start and end of this song get loud and scary, a little too loud for my tastes but everything in between is good


to me Doraemon has always kinda felt like a Pix & Bit prototype

they're very different but have a few similarities like random noise track near the end and also kind of similar emotional arcs

  • Homeward Demon
    • I've never watched Doraemon so when I searched up the theme song once it sounded weird to not be jumpscared by a loud noise after that super jolly intro
  • Cold Water
    • I was riding my bicycle and singing along to this song once and some girls laughed at me
    • don't care tho it goes hard
    • the really loud and long BWAAA near and in the chorus is cool
    • i haven't talked much of lyrics but I like the ones on this song especially in the chorus it flows so well
  • Failing
    • The dark ambience after the opening speech/violin thing and noise is very ethereal and I like it
  • The Stars in My Head
    • Its very fun and autism and I like it also the return back the lyrics of Homeward Demon but making them positive is neat

Sixteen Sketchbooks Ago

  • panic text
    • idk I didn't like Sixteen Sketchbooks Ago that much but maybe if I listen to it again I'd like it
    • except this song this one is really good


Nicely bite sized

Photo 4

It has this very weird feeling where its sort of like downtrodden in tone while also retaining a happiness in the ambience

  • please hold
    • I like it

The Best Day

I think its an interesting theming to have each song be 2 minutes 30 seconds long but I don't think it pans out all that well

some of the songs overstay their welcome while others feel cut short

Also the range of genres and sounds it spans makes it kind of a hard listen for me because I can't really go into it looking for a specific sound or mood

  • sd_heart
    • This is my favorite from the album

Foley Artist

holy shit

this album rips me apart only to put me back together in its big triumphant finale and damn the trans experience do be hitting

it made me so sad the first time listening to it that I had to stop listening part way through

  • Safe Skin
    • This one sounds like a panic attack
  • Deconstruct
    • This one specifically makes me cry very hard for 5 minutes
  • Señorita
    • A disturbing cover
    • the coughing up of blood is incredibly chilling and always catches me off guard
  • I
    • The first 10 minutes of ambience in this song really play into delving deeper into the sadness and depression given from the rest of the album and it starts hitting harder with each minute
    • but then you hit that break
    • it starts getting hopeful this beep starts driving forward this newfound energy
    • the drums come in its got me pumped
    • and that calm ending its saying its got one more in it
  • Jailbreak
    • and damn that one more is insane
    • probably Taxxon's best closer to an album
    • even though its not all happy jolly its an acceptance of like how things will be being trans and its very relatable for me

Pix & Bit



my favorite album

  • Cilantro
    • My 3rd (2nd?) favorite song
    • Probably my most listened to one given how I usually listen to it multiple times a day
    • Idk how to describe much of it but all of y'all know how it sounds like so I dont gotta
    • The part after noises where the loud beep thing from the start of the song comes back is super clean tho
    • the music video is one of my favorite things its so awesome their little bouncing
  • Castle Sinclair Girnigoe
    • Fiddle EDM is kind of a funny idea in concept but it works out super well
    • I imagine that Bit is like in a grassy field doing the fiddling (the electronic stuff is non-diegetic in this imagined scene) and Pix is bothering her and has a low rider at one point
  • Flap Flap
    • the line "Either way it gets real bright when the sun comes crashing in" is like sooooo image
    • i picture like a very yellow creature that looks kind of like Bit (maybe same species?) diving and flopping headfirst through a window into an indoor garden
    • and then like they slowly pick themselves up and brush themselves off
    • also the idea of Pix & Bit having a garden is really neat to me
  • Rocking Music and Take As Many As You'd Like
    • I like them and I think they fit well into the album but they're slightly unremarkable compared to the rest of it
    • Take As Many As You'd Like is better tho
  • Nine Stars
    • Listened to this after a heartbreak and cried very much
    • Very good song, reminds me of Kanban with the second half
  • Catch These Hands
    • My 2nd (3rd?) favorite song
    • The saxophone and how it leads into the verses is cool
    • I love the way you've got this deep voice in the verses which is then juxtaposed with the reverby high voice
    • and then in the prechorus when the voice and that plucky instrument move all around and up is super satisfying and aghagsuaghgughg its so good and then the chorus is amazing
    • especially the third time when its all needy like when it says "Cause I don't think I can make it on my own" that line specifically is just so clean sounding its amazing and then the sax rolls in super loud and aduhfadusfhasudf
    • this songgggg
  • Birdsong
    • Im not sure how to exactly describe it but this song sounds like a being amalgamating itself into something living from a chaotic void
  • Would You Please Wake Up?
    • Its so homey in the first part and then the pretty little piano plays and its so lovely and sad and it makes me want someone to hold me nicely
  • I Haven't Died
    • The way this song progresses from this depressed ass opening into such a hopeful and cathartic last verse is so gragahshgg
    • and then you got the part afterwardds and its good and cool and i love it
    • it matches my walking speed so I can walk along with the song


I came to this album to look for something like Visiting Narcissa and found something cool

  • Silverdrivel
    • The way it reveals the beat as it gets faster and faster with the weird starting sounds is cool
  • Hellrhythm
    • 👍

Dance Odyssey

Was confused when I first listened cuz 40 minute song but then it was just an album

I don't really like the ending its too slow and just doesn't fit the loud fast edm of the rest of it


  • Try The Wine
    • I like it a lot its very intricate and tickly to my ears
  • Bauhaus
    • Even more tickly to my ears and very stimmy


  • Rosa
    • The way it incorporates the wub wub part into the fast strictly composed portion is neat
  • Spiral Staircase
    • Its so floaty and soft its like i'm floating in the ocean in a classy little nightclub while im listening to this song and the singers are a pretty woman and then a washing machine
  • Cambria
    • I can't shake that it sounds oddly like Paper Mario

Sapphire Apts

  • Kanban
    • For being 7 minutes this song feels kind of short
    • I like how the super soft and quiet intros to each of the verses being then shoved into this frantic bodododododadooo and the singing is louder too
    • Top 10 song for me
  • Loving Was
    • When I can drive I'm going to listen to this song a lot in my car
    • it just feels right for that
  • Fireflies
    • I didn't listen to this for the longest time cause I'm not a fan of the original but why did I doubt Taxxon's magic
    • a very good cover and i like it a lot more than the original

Daylight Spectrum

I really disliked this the first time I listened to it but then I listened to it again a few months later and idk what I was on then its very good

  • Early Songster
    • Future alarm clock song
  • New Yorkers Walk Faster
    • This feels like its on the wrong album cuz it is not at all lo-fi or downtempo
    • its just a full on chiptune song
  • Haircuts For Women
    • I love the way how the slice sound in that chorus sort of thing section actually like slices the song to go in a different direction

New Piranesi

  • Snows
    • Not what I expected while listening to New Piranesi but it goes so hard
    • It feels like a snowy forest near a mountaintop and the speaker is like slowly losing it or something
    • and at the end that weird spider creature appears from over the mountain
    • unrelated but spiders are cool
  • White
    • The way the piano slowly develops through the ambience until it has its full stay and then hits you with a short but very beautiful melody is awesome
  • Piranesi
    • Otherwordly in way I can't particularly describe

Yes, And

I absolutely love the album art for this album its like top 3 album covers

its so random and chaotic and yet composed within itself it perfectly fits the albums chaotic nature but ability to retain structure through all the sound

  • Assuredly, Albeit
    • I like it
    • the low whir sound sounds like it’s petting/scratching you
  • Certainly, Yet
    • Favorite song
    • gaguaugghuahguhsahghggg
    • its so good
    • The way it just opens up so instantly and loudly and then takes a few steps back and goes like bsshhbabddaddadaadaaba and then the lyrics come in
    • some of the most evocative lyrics of Taxxon's
    • I can picture an entire like animation for the song and the lyrics are so chaotic and full of energy and the singing is top notch asdhksadjadsfhasjdfhauieh
    • :3

Walks of Lung

  • Mystic Folk
    • the way Dynastic delivers her lines are super addicting to me
    • they have this like drawl and its so good sounding

The Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe

This used to be my favorite album until I listened to Pix & Bit a few more times and found peak

Still is a very good album tho

  • la lettre
    • Its so jumpy and happy and then its hot
  • beast // creature
    • ngl the guy described at the start is hot
    • Other than that its also very good and the bass is very loud

Xanthan Gun

for some reason during Christmastime last year my entire family talked about xanthan gum for like 3-4 hours

it was very funny since thats like a food additive why are you all so interested in it

  • By The Books
    • I love this song so much its so good sounding
    • I don't have much to say about it but its awesome

Wax Under Wolcnum

  • Gnaw
    • the long wub kinda things are really nice sounds
  • Digital Counterpoint
    • The beat is super weird but Scum Jones plays it so well and makes it work super finely
    • and the wordplay and flow is amazing
    • its such a good song adsiofjadsofdj


This album makes me feel like I am in a weird club thats flooded fully with pure white lights that straddle the line between being comforting and harsh

  • Girls
    • Super stimmy and very euphoric
    • makes me feel like a pretty little princess


  • Scruff
    • I want to scratch this song
  • Kitty
    • I really like this song the way the verses are sung slowly and the words are held is satisfying
    • and the chorus too
    • but what is it doing on Aeroplane
  • Skyhorn
    • This song makes me visualize like a dark factory overlooking a cliff
    • not something very industrial but more akin to something out of a Dr. Seuss book
    • and as the song progresses its just going through the processes of the factory with some very loud blaring machine being that super aggressive bassline
    • the pneumatic sounding synths are awesome
    • i love this song

Visiting Narcissa

The first full album of Taxxon's I listened to

and god does it deliver

I like the second half a lot more than the first half its just stronger and each song develops better imo but thats not to say the first half is bad its still amazing

  • Her Garage
    • I've talked about it before but this song is what fully pulled me into her works
    • I was hella confused on what I was listening to cause it was random noise but then the kind of beat drop hit and it incorporated that noise into what would be a somewhat simplistic melody and from that point onwards I have been very very into Taxxon's music
  • Her Powder Room
    • The random entrance of rap verses in the second half of the song was very unexpected but it works somehow
  • Her Rooftop
    • My favorite of the album
    • Its very emotional to me in a way I can't fully place but it feels kind of like being safe with someone
    • mostly I just picture lying on a rooftop at night, stargazing with someone


I need to listen to this album more

Agnes & Hilda

First album of Taxxon's that released after I became a fan of it

I actually thought it was very mid at first and didn't like some of the tracks but again I manage to be incredibly wrong cuz now its a top 6 album of mine which I suppose I started listing earlier with Little Spoon but then dropped so my top 6 of hers is Little Spoon, Foley Artist, Pix & Bit, Visiting Narcissa, Agnes & Hilda, and the TECHDOG series

reason it is top 6 and not top 5 is cuz I couldn't narrow it down to 5 and even 6 is hard

Also one of my siblings described the album art as "rococco furry" which I think is very funny

  • Agnes & Hilda
    • sounds like a fancy little parisian bridge late at night and the city is reflecting off the Seine
    • and theres those cool looking lamps like the ornate ones
  • Bocce
    • Its such a poppy song and i don't mean just like genre-wise like all the plosives are so extreme which is cool
  • By Greg Rutkowski
    • Sounds like a Daft Punk song
  • With My Tail to the World
    • The first of Taxxon's songs I really listened to (not counting Wavetable cuz it didn't make me search any more of its works) cause youtube recommended me it randomly when it released
    • I was very confused feeling after the first listen cuz it was so much weirder and different from everything I have listened to before and also very furry and I wasn't fully accepted of my furriness then but it also struck something which made me feel very very joyous
    • so then I listened to it again and similar feeling so again and again and again and each subsequent listen i got happier and happier until the last one when I was just fully overcome with joy
    • regarding the song I love the beep and how it persists through the entire song
    • and the mix between happy bright parts that shift into these lower toned kind of hot for lack of better words part is really rgasgsh
  • I'll Be
    • This song makes my body feel the way my brain feels it should
    • that meaning it makes me a dog lmao
  • Like
    • heehheheheheeeeheheee
    • i
    • like
    • this song
    • lololololol


A very long series, all in all though I love it and it was well worth the long wait

Also the TECHDOG series fulfills my long held desire for an album that temporally and tonally spans across the course of a day (assuming you start it around 4 hours before sunset)

    • TECHDOG (1-1)
      • A super stimmy little opening to the series and really sets this silly fun tone for the first few albums
    • THEDOCG (1-4)
      • The call back to Surely, Nonetheless had my brain wired for a few days cuz it was really cool and I couldn't figure out where it was from I just recognized it
    • GETHCOD (1-7)
      • Scary Jeremy is probably my favorite from this part
      • The chopped up voice works really well with that swingyish beat and the bwaaaah sound is good
      • The first song with lyrics in the series and it was super surprising to hear any cause I didn't expect it
      • But a welcome surprise cause it goes hard
      • Sounds like it comes out of a sonic game but then it just stops that and starts being weird and then it throws them together very well
  • Either this one or 4 are my favorite parts from the series, I think they both work fantastically well and have a very high volume of songs that just hit
      • Its such an explosively happy opening to this part
      • it sounds like stepping into a cool summer day and playing in the grass
      • goshdjsahdgushfuighsuigsfhjdshgkjfsdhgjkdsfgh
      • Similar thing to the last one except instead of a field being on a very comfortable train and sitting with friends and outside the window are very pretty fields and forests and mountains
      • just trust me
      • I love how its super disorganized at the start but then brings itself together
      • and then halfway through when the bass is about to come in it holds out on you and then when it hits its so light and airy and just like dopamine filled
      • This song has a piano
      • Being a bit more serious it carries a lot of like emotional kind of weight or something like that
      • The development of the song makes it feel like its becoming more confident in itself as it goes on until the last part where its fully sure in itself and does the most and best it can
      • Sounds like the final area of a JRPG
      • It sounds burlesquely masculine but like in an actually enjoyable way
      • Also like how I imagine a skate park would feel if it was alive
      • I really like this song
      • Either this or 4-10 is me favorite of this part
      • Its really cool how the second vocal track is one measure ahead of the first and its fun to try and follow both at the same time
      • oggddddgdogoddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
      • really cool song
      • It was very confusing as an ending but I was willing to accept it when it first came out Then TECHDOG 5 came out and it made more sense'
  • The release of this part was so insanely exciting cuz I was really expecting 4 to be the end of the series and she would be releasing the compilation album but then she just released a fifth and more and its like still kind of surreal to me that the TECHDOGs past 4 exist
  • But overall I don't like the dark TECHDOG parts as much as the light and blue parts
  • Not that I dislike them, I do like them but overall less than the other 2
  • I think they're good in what they do, but I need to listen to them more to form more strong opinions on each track
  • Me like 5 more than 6
      • very fitting beginning for the black TECHDOG albums, it sounds like you're delving into a dark, dank dungeon and it just keeps getting darker
      • Oddly positive for this album
      • the swells in the second half exude an unseen hope and almost feel like you'll break free from the misery
      • This song has a piano
      • I love how it kind of pulls out of the dredges the rest of the album has been sitting in and holds an uneasy hope as the piano progresses
      • and by the end its found a somewhat comforting footing, although it doesn't last
      • this is one of the most empty and depressing songs I have heard
      • why does it feel like death itself is speaking into my ears with it
      • it’s like you’ve washed up on the shores of the afterlife and are contemplating everything that has happened
      • The first parts of this song sound surprisingly structured compared to the rest of 6 (not counting the last track ofc)
      • its pretty cool
      • After 2 hours of noise, on my first listen, the oddly calm and structured opening of this track was odd
      • And it progresses and almost returns to pure sounds but then this heavenly sounds hits and it feels like I'm ascending and its so beautiful and ethereal and then at the end it repeats the first sound from the beginning as if to say it has some fight left in it like the bad times are done or at least have easened up
  • W
      • The short piano bit at the end catches me off guard each time and its so strongly idausfhdsafh iasdf feelings
      • Such an emotional and personal piece, it almost feels weird and invasive to listen to
      • I had the unfortunate happenstance of listening to this during a fire drill my first time around but it is a crier
      • The slow incorporation of the piano into the ambience until it eventually pulls together into a short but lovely repeating melody is really calming and relaxing
      • and the way it slowly fades out is comforting too
      • This is my favorite from the full series and my 4th favorite song (it clmbs higher every time i listen to it in time it'll probably be my favorite)
      • The opening is so interesting it ditches the ambience of the rest of the part for this dark IDM reminiscient of Her Bed
      • and it continues with that for 18 minutes until it calms down for 2 minutes and its just this short little beepy thing really hamming up the upcoming lyrical section
      • and then Taxxon steps on the mic and its the most bestest greatest thing every
      • the callback to TECHDOG 3 hit me so hard that my brain nearly melted the first time listening to it
      • and its so adventurous and weird and fun and the lyrics are so heavy hitting and then whats that
      • the drums come in
      • omskjasdfhagerklvfndmbsdnvkmsvl
      • NF's lines are so fun and full of adrenaline and it really pushes the song forward
      • and then they both come in for that verse before the repeating part and its the best thing to ever be created
      • and then the repeating part is fadhfaskdjfhskjfs its a little long but honestly it works really well
      • this song makes me want to run super fast for its entire duration and be myself
      • even though its less exciting than 7-10 I love it all the same
      • its this massive journey through sound as Taxxon slowly introduces more and more, adding on to the long beep until you have something indistinguishable from the beginning
      • I can't describe it fully cuz A) im bad at that and B) its 40 minutes long but all in all its awesome and the voice jumpscare at the end took me so far aback I had to rethink my life for a few minutes


Very cool album

Gives me Wax Under Wolcnum vibes at a few points throughout it

like Boys feels like that and the ending of Big Wheel reminds me of the ending to Digital Counterpoint

  • Furry
    • Progresses very nicely
    • I wish it was a bit longer because the ending voice thingy sounds awesome but it’s a chill opener
  • Frat Claws
    • Also gives me Wax Under Wolcnum vibes
    • Is good
  • Big Wheel
    • Haven’t mentioned it to this point but like almost all of Taxxon’s albums have at least one song which hooks me into it super hard and causes me to relisten to it those first few times until I love the rest of the songs the same
    • This is that track for this album
    • I love the transition from the super deep vocals into her normal singing voice
    • It makes me very happy and jumpy
    • Also the furry imagery is fun as always
    • Makes me feel like I’m on a massive hill overlooking a city
    • Feels more so meant for listening at night than day
    • "Point a claw at the terminus and watch the stars sail by" has got to be one of my favorite lyrics ever
    • its got so many good words and it flows super nicely and is so evocative and energetic
  • I Do
    • The callback to that one motif from I is really cool

Non Patricia Taxxon

Antonymph by Vylet Pony

One of the few not Taxxon songs I listen to on a regular basis

I found it through a SiIvagunner rip of it with Field of Hopes and Dreams

really good + cool song

the lyrics and theme make me all warm and fuzzy inside