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Castle Sinclair is an old planet-sized castle inhabited by the King Girnigoe and his servants.

This castle and its surroundings are the mains locations where the story of the optional Post-game take place.

Summary of Post-Game Story[edit | edit source]

Right after the events involving the main antagonist of the game, Birdsong, A mysterious comet appeared out of nowhere in the galaxy where Pix and Bit live, and broke into nines star-shaped fragments. This comet was seemingly a legendary wish-granting comet predicted by an old cosmic tale, that say : "anyone that success to find the nine stars fragment and rebuild the comet will get a power big enough to make any wishes come truth"

Pix and Bit, after estimating the apocalyptic outcome of if someone with malicious intent manage to collect all the star shaped fragments, decide to take action and go to the location of the crashing site of the comet and see any lead of where the fragments could be.

When they arrive , they see an enormous moving castle already here , the Castle Sinclair itself, and his owner King Girnigoe, a notoriously ruthless and cold hearted king that already send his servants to search for the fragments and causing chaos all over the place by doing so.

Pix and Bit after defeating various servants of the king, have to invade the castle and confront the King himself, to prevent him to fulfill any potential evil wishes he could ask for if he manage to get the power of the comet.

List of Characters Involved[edit | edit source]

King Girnigoe[edit | edit source]

The main antagonist of the Post-Game Story, he seems to have a great interest in the wish-granting powers the legendary comet can offer, and tries to do whatever it take to be the one that can obtain this power, even the most cruel things without any remorse.

The Spirit of Castle Sinclair[edit | edit source]

or "Sinclair" for short, is the most powerful servant and ally of King Girnigoe, being the spirit and guardian of Castle Sinclair (the residence of King Girnigoe).

[edit | edit source]

Chapter One[edit | edit source]

(still in progress)