Growing cilantro

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This is my first time growing a plant hopefully it does not die.

Day 6

A picture of a flower pot with only soil visible
(Day 4) The pot where the cilantro is being grown.

I planted my cilantro seeds 4 days ago. I put 18 seeds in the pot, digging 9 holes evenly spaced across it with two seeds in each hole.

I've watered twice, first upon planting the seeds and just now. I use a bottle to sprinkle in a small stream of water as to not flood the seeds.

It's currently inside due to being a bit too cold for it outside, so it's by a window to get proper sunlight. I'll probably start placing it outside in intervals once it starts growing.

I unearthed 2 of the seeds shortly so I could see their progress. Currently they've just started to sprout from their seeds.

A close up image of cilantro seeds surrounded by soil. Small white stalks are coming out of them.
(Day 4) The cilantro seeds I unearthed.

Day 10

A picture of a pot filled with soil. A few cilantro stems are sprouting in the pot.
(Day 10) The first of the cilantro sprouts

The cilantro has sprouted!

The pot is moved outside every day now to get more sun for the plants, and is watered daily

They are planted a bit denser than recommended, but hopefully most of the seeds sprout.

Day 26

Been a bit since last update, oops

The sprouts have been growing well in the meantime, they're around 4-6 inches tall right now

Due to it being warm enough now for the cilantro to live outside, the pot has been moved from inside by a window to outside on my patio

A picture of a pot. Inside the pot is a few sprouts of cilantro, around 4-6 inches tall. They are spread throughout the pot in somewhat of a square pattern.
(Day 26) The cilantro, growing on the patio

Three of the seeds I planted seem to not grow, as their plots have not sprouted yet, and while the center plot has sprouted it is not doing too well

The other ones are doing good though!

Day 59

Whoops, did not update for a while

The cilantro has now grown much, but at least it hasn’t died in the meantime Given that it’s more temperate now that it’s Spring, I’m going to move the cilantro off of my patio and place it fully outside, so it’ll get more sunlight. It’ll also be nice because I will have to remember to water it less due to the rain.