Infinity Express

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The Infinity Express is a perpetually moving mega train, it's railways carried by the slanted pillars to support the train's excessive horizontal motion. The suspended rail-tracks looping around the whole world, being a very important mode of transportation for businesses and folks that can afford it (the limited space and large demand for the service placing the price for it's use at a considerable margin). The train is operated by Conductor Debra, with an intense love for trains, her primary way to move around the interior is with a choo-choo train she operates herself; the vehicle is railroaded, however the rails are placed and picked up by for comically large mechanical arms that pick up the tracks and place them in front of the train. She's very much capable of changing her size to operate the train's miniature train sets, but also to become way larger for her to be able to pull the train's breaks in case of an emergency.

Cast of Characters[edit | edit source]

Train Staff[edit | edit source]

  • Conductor Deborah - one of the only humans left in the world, her love for locomotives was strong for her to break free from the bounds of mortality, effectively transcending reality and becoming the deity of locomotives.
  • Co-Conductor Vincent - Deborah's right-hand cat, a tabby cat with yellorange eyes.
  • Dapper Dan - a wholesome white cat with brown splodges on it's fur. On the train he serves drinks, is able to tell your fortune and checks passengers for tickets together with Co-Conductor Vincent
  • Michelle the Chef
  • Tree - a plant-like sentient life form resembling a Maple Tree that lives and works in the botanical train cart; he is able to summon surveillance drones that look no different from seeds except from having limbs sprout from their body with a helicopter-shaped leaf on top of their bodies that enables them to fly.