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Pix & Bit's Big Debut is a Super Mario World ROM Hack which is currently under development, the game's main developer is Sammy and the project originally started on March 5th, after a piece of pixel art for the character Bit was posted to a Pix & Bit fan Discord server.

Not much else is known about the game, but Sammy has stated that it may be finished by the end of 2025 "if progress continues to be steady."

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

On of the 23rd of May 2024, a playable beta of the game was uploaded to the discord, and footage of the title screen for the game was also uploaded to Sammy's YouTube Channel. Included in the hack are four test levels, these levels are Vanilla Dome 2 from the original Super Mario World, "Title Screen Level" which is an ever so slightly modified version of the level "GROOVY", "ExGFX TEST LEVEL" which is the same short level that is shown on the title screen, and the Top Secret Area from Super Mario World, but without the Yoshi Egg.

In the game, Yoshi has been completely removed, whilst still in the game and fully functional, he is intended to be completely unused.

"Yeah no Yoshi isn't gonna be in this game, Sorry! - Sincerely, Sammy. UwU"

Graphics[edit | edit source]

The Sprite-work for the game (more specifically the player graphics) is similar to how the character Mario looked in the original game. As shown in multiple gameplay videos through developer updates on the discord, Bit shares a lot of the same moves and similar sprites as Mario, mainly to keep the game as compatible as possible with its source material's game engine due to how Super Mario World handles its player graphics.

Multiple concepts and ideas were scrapped due to this setback, for example: Before work began on the sprites for Bit when she collects a Super Mushroom, a member of the discord proposed the idea that instead of growing taller, Bit gains her signature orbs that surround her upper torso.

When making an attempt to implement this idea into the game to drastically cut down on development time, a glitched sprite of Bit appeared that was an amalgamation of Mario's torso and Bit's tiara, who was then named "The Crown Man" by Sammy. The accidental creation of The Crown Man was initially met with reactions of horror and shock, though it quickly evolved into feelings of wanting to expand the character into something that would be included in the final game as a boss, operating similar to The Vigilante from Pizza Tower.

Development Team[edit | edit source]

At the moment, Sammy is the sole developer of the game, but has stated that if anyone would like to help out with the game's creation, it would be greatly appreciated.