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"You can't just say that!"
"Jeez! All this cool fan-art makes me feel all fuzzy inside!"
Character Info
Species: Generic Mammal
Canon: Pix & Bit

Pix is one of the two mascots and namesakes of Patricia Taxxon's 2019 Album, Pix and Bit, as well as a protagonist to the fictional game the album is loosely based on.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Pix is an anthropomorphic nondescript pink mammal, bearing traits found in dogs, cats, and raccoons in her appearance. Pix has large, bell shaped ears that end in spiked tufts with a white stripe around the middle of each, both atop a round head with big eyes, white eyebrows, and a large amber gem engraved on her forehead in the shape of an upturned teardrop. This gem glows under specific circumstances, officially unknown but likely when using some sort of power (Nine Stars Render). She has a short snout with a tiny black nose and white fur on her muzzle that tapers out into angular tufts on the sides of her face.

Pix has white gloves, often simplified into spheres/circles attached to slim arms on a small body with a white patch of fur on her stomach. Pix stands on digitigrade legs with long white feet and a patch of pink fur on ends of each foot. Her bushy tail also retains a similar bell shape as her ears, but minus the white stripe. Instead there is a white layer of fur at the end of her tail that separates the outer ring of pink fur from the centermost section.

Pix also has a white star shaped object on her chest, similar to Bit (Whether it's a stylized tuft of fur, spikes, or even part of their bodies remain unknown)

Pix possesses two gold rings, typically wearing one around each wrist, but official art implies she can use them as weapons (Ref Sheet and P3D/Sketchfab Model diorama) and maybe even a means of quick transportation (Nine Stars Render).