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Chapter 1: Prelude[edit | edit source]


An outcast peasant and a runaway royal find solace in each other as they work to subvert a plot from the King to destroy the galaxy.[1]

Author's notes:

  • There is a stunning lack of Pix & Bit Fanfic in this site [archiveofourown.org]. I am going to change that.
  • Honestly I'm curious to the response of the fic. Also, while I have a full story idea in my head, I cannot promise I'll write more than the prelude. I am unreliable to myself lmao

Pix had been living by herself for a while.

There was a time when she wasn't simply lying down on a couch in a dusty old cottage.  In fact, her life was once rich and full of excitement.  Now, she's stuck reading and rereading the same five books.

She remembered her parents.  They loved her once.  Her neighbors saw her as the young boy who was always so bright and energetic and...  Now that was gone, she didn't know what to do with her life.

The sun hasn't touched her skin for the past few days, at least.  Her once bright pink fur was dull, her amber gemstone almost collecting dust.  The sky, too, was dull.

She had the whim to run outside.  She gave off a sigh, turning off her phone and standing up.  "Alright, girl," she whispered to herself, "Stay vigilant."

Her runs are some of the few moments that even somewhat lift her up, but she knows full well she had to stay safe out there.  Any one of the citizens in her town could kill her if she looked at someone the wrong way.  And they would get away with it too; the trans panic defense was alive and well in the town, which is a point of contention in the area beyond.  She always dresses in a black hoodie, and her large, fluffy tail is tucked away.  It wasn't optimal, but she only wears it until she runs out of town and into the forest, where the trees were tall, and you could jump on the leaves if you pleased.  The forest was one of the few places Pix could truly express herself, where she was safe.  The trees served as cover for her as she tied her hoodie just under her shoulders and she ran on the floor, and on trunks, and climbed the branches.  She was alive and free when she was here.  Some days she spent a few minutes, and others she spent hours.  Despite what she lost, she was trying to heal.  The forest let her breathe.  The forest let her heal.

This day, Pix spent upwards to half an hour running in the forest.  She'd spend more time under the safety of the forest floor,, but it was beginning to rain.  The pattering on the forest floor started soft, and began to get louder as the pink animal sighed and wore her robes as she walked out of the forest and back into town.

As she approached town, she heard a voice.  "Well, if it isn't the rat!" a young grey-furred creature like herself said, smiling as he bore his fangs.  Pix picked up the pace before one with green fur jumped her from the alley and brandished a knife.  Pix was quick to kick him in the chest as she made a beeline for her dark and dusty home, her hoodie falling off her made for all of town to see.  Everyone stared.  As soon as she was tackled, one of the locals cheered, and another said "Yeah, get 'im!"  a crowd gathered, calling for her blood as her assailants pinned her down, one of them smiling as he opened his mouth.  "I've been looking forward to this day, rat," he said as Pix helplessly fought for her life.

An hour earlier, an orange lizard banged a desk on her starship and screamed in frustration, crying and screaming profanities as she rocked in the pilot's chair, her cries unable to be heard by anyone.

She didn't want this responsibility on her shoulders.  She couldn't bear it.  And yet, here she is!  She was all sorts of scared and frightened. She needed time to process.  She... she sobbed.

It took her some time to dry her tears and leave her ship.  Maybe she would be okay.  She didn't know.  In either fashion, she walked into the forest she landed next to.

She had never been in a forest before, and for a moment she was awestruck.  The trees towered, perhaps to the sky itself, and she could see a pink mammal hop through the trees.

Eventually, the lizard closed her frills and sat down softly in the woods.  The scenery was beautiful.

Soon, she saw the pink mammal climb on the ground and put on a dark hoodie that covered every bit of her.  The lizard was intrigued.  She for some reason didn't want to show herself to her, so she watched her leave.  She took note of her direction and sat for a few moments, letting herself bathe in the oncoming rain.

Afterwards, she stood up and stretched her body.  "Right." she spoke to herself, "There's probably a town in the pink mammal's direction.  Perhaps there's someone willing to point me in the right direction."

So she took a leisurely stroll across the path the pink mammal went, and to no surprise, there was a small town of wooden houses and a church.  She also saw a bit of a crowd developing, and out of curiosity, she hopped on the rooftops to get a good look.  What she saw shocked her-  It was the same mammal as before, trying to fight off two attackers while the crowd called for her blood.  One was just aout go to go for the kill.

"I've been looking forward to this day, rat," one of the attackers said.  Unable to sit idly by, the lizard tackled the attacker and gripped her tail, threatening him with its spiked ball tip and fanning her frills as Pix threw the other one off.

"What in the galaxy are you doing?" the lizard sneered as Pix slowly sat in the middle of the now booing crowd.  "And that goes for all of you!  Look at you, cheering for someone to die!"

"Is that..." Pix pondered as she casually threw her fist back into her attacker's face.

"By my authority I command you to disperse!"

The crowd spoke in hushed whispers, following the lizard's orders out of reluctance.  The attackers, too, ran away quickly.

"Prince Vermillion?"

The lizard turned back to Pix.  "I don't go by that anymore, but don't tell anyone.  You can call me Bit."


All the two could hear was rain pouring on the two of them as Bit offered her arm to pix.  Pix took her arm, standing her up as the rain washed the dirt off of her body.

"Does that... happen often?" Bit asked, to which Pix sheepishly nodded.  Bit frowned sympathetically, before getting an idea.

"You wanna get outta here?"

Pix felt herself blush a little.  She knew exactly what the answer was, but...  Sure, this was an opportunity handed to her on a silver platter, by the... princess?  She's a girl.  She's like her.

She's... like her.

"Can I pack first?" Pix asked.

"Of course."

Pix opened the door to her cottage to find that it had been cleared of everything.

The books, the bed, the pots, the food, it's... all gone.  Bit could only watch as Pix slowly padded to the center of her house and fell to her knees.  They found her.

What little Pix had for herself was... gone.

Except... Pix opened the floorboard to find two rings that were still there. She could feel herself tearing up as she slowly put the rings on her wrists.  "Th,, they took everything from me," she sobbed. "They.. they took..."

"Do you need a hug?" Bit asked as she stood beside her.  Pix nodded, and Bit wrapped her arms around Pix as the mammal tightened her arms around Bit and wept.

Not long after, Pix reservedly followed Bit to her starship, alone in the forest together.

"Alright," Bit sighed, "I should let you know something."

"What?" asked Pix.

"The... The galaxy's in danger."  Bit sighed, finding it difficult to believe her own words. "And I'm the only one who knows about it."


"I know.  I tried to talk my father out of finding this powerful, ancient weapon that can destroy stars, but... He had none of it.  I swear, he never listens."

"King Raven?" asked Pix.

"That's him alright," Bit sighed.  "King flippin' Raven."

"Do you know why?"

"...No," Bit admitted, "And it doesn't matter.  I don't care if I'm throwing away my life, I'm stopping him at all costs."

"I understand," Pix said.  She admittedly found Bit's claim hard to believe, but she sees no reason for her to lie.  So she took a deep breath and said something she never expected herself to say.

"I'm coming with you."


"The galaxy's... probably in danger.  I admit, I'm skeptical, but I have nothing and you saved my life!"  Pix chuckled. "The princess saved my life!"

"I'm not.  The princess." Bit snapped back,  "I'm not a princess.  I was only ever a prince."  she sighed.  "Sorry for snapping.  It's... hard to talk about."

"...I see," Pix said, "But... I mean, if the galaxy's in danger, then I want to help.  I mean. It's...  You know, it's my home."

"Are you sure?" Bit asked, "You know, I can just... drop you off somewhere else.  Let you start a new life."

"And live in fear because there's a chance that everyone wants me dead and the sun could just... die?" asked Bit, "That's not a life I want."

"B- but- you could-"

"Listen." Pix walked up in front of Bit.  "Saving the galaxy- I mean, that's a big deal!  Nobody should have to carry that responsibility alone.  I can handle it."

"...And if you die?"

"I think I have a higher chance of dying if I don't do anything.  Besides.  I'm... also trans.  I don't know if that's obvious, but..."

"Is that why they attacked you?"

Pix silently nodded.

"Well, then...  I guess... This is... our adventure?"

"Yes!" Pix excitedly threw her arms in the air, before hugging Bit.  "Oh, you won't regret this, I swear!"

"Too tight.  Too tight."

"Right. Right.  Sorry." Pix gave a little puff.  "Now come on!  We don't have time to waste!  Where's your ship?  You landed here with a ship, right?"

Bit couldn't help but smile as her new friend burst with excitement.  "It's over this way.  Follow me," she said as she ran ahead of Pix.  The mammal followed close behind, ready to start an adventure from what little they had.

Chapter 2: The First Key[edit | edit source]


Pix and Bit get to know each other and their mission as they try to peacefully take one of the five keys from Queen Mera, the ruler of a small country of walking, talking flowers.

Author's notes:

  • holy SHIT this was a long ass chapter to write.
  • The plan was to write and finish this chapter last monday, but the legnth of the chapter quickly got out of hand. I will not apologize.
  • The chapter contains some discussions of child abuse and trauma and other fun things, so... yeah be wary I guess. I hope you enjoy the release of the chapter!
  • ...I think this is already longer than my other fic lmao

"Oh my god."

Pix got one good look at Bit's personal starship and stared in awe.  The starship was small, large enough to fit maybe three or four people with some finesse, but its design was sleek.  It was painted in white and its wings were rimmed with orange.  It was unlike anything Pix had ever seen.

"So, you wanna see the interior?" asked Bit.

"Yes, absolutely!"

Bit unfolded a ladder that led to a door on the side of the ship, large enough to fit the both of them.  She then climbed the ladder, placed a silver key through a lock, and opened a lever, opening the door towards the inside of the ship as she climbed in.  Pix followed closely,  climbing in to see the ship inside.

The ship was small, but it was a cozy sort of small with the atmosphere of the rain outside.  There were only three rooms- one bed, one bath, and a "main" room that hosted the cockpit , a small table and chair setup, and a couple benches with soft mattresses.  The walls were decorated with lights and posters, and opposite the door was a shelf with books and other things Pix didn't recognize.  At the back of the ship was a drop-hatch that allowed larger items in, such as the aforementioned table.

"It's not much," said Bit, "but it's all I got."

"Are you kidding?"  Pix responded, "Aside from the bedroom, then it's more than I've ever had in my life!  You'd be willing to share this with me?"

"I'll try my best," Bit shrugged, "It's not as easy as it was to share, but still possible."  She then scratched the back of her head. "Uhh, sorry about the bedroom, by the way.  I wasn't expecting company."

"It's fine, I can sleep on the bench."

"Are you sure?"

Pix nodded. "Positive," she said, lowering herself as if to sit down but then remembering that she was all muddy.

"Can I use your shower?" asked Pix.

"Go ahead," Bit nodded.

After showering, drying themselves, and grabbing themselves a snack to eat, Bit walked up to the cockpit and pressed her hand on the center touchpad.

"Bit and guest ," she said, making sure to enunciate that last part.  On cue, the controls in the cockpit all lit up at once.  There were enough buttons and levers to completely overwhelm her, causing her to freeze in place.

"Don't touch anything," Bit said in a half-joking method, to which Pix laughed at in the most awkward and dumbfounded way imaginable.  "Anyway, Gilgamesh, open my plans dot e-x-e."

"OPENING FILE."  A loud, booming voice startled Pix enough for her to shout.

"Gilgamesh, reduce volume to 25. Sorry about that, Pix."

"I need to sit down," Pix said as she silently got down on the seat to the left of Bit.

"FILE OPENED," the same voice spoke, this time much quieter than before.  A screen appeared on the visor, showing Pix a spire that pointed to the sky on an icy field.

"This," said Bit, "is the Starbreaker.  It's a massive ancient weapon built on Everest IV, which is lifeless and covered in snow.    It was used thousands of years ago, and my father plans to use it again.  Next slide."

The next slide was a crudely-drawn diagram of a blue light from one star striking another.

"It works by hitting faraway stars.  These beams travel at thousands of times the speed of light, and can hit the other side of the galaxy in a year."


"Yeah, it's... Small galaxy.  Next slide."

Pix simply nodded.  The screen now showed five triangular gemstones- one red, one white, one yellow, one green, one violet.

"Scattered through the cosmos are five keys that amplify the power of the Cannon, and with all five...  Next slide."

The screen showed a six-colored beam that struck a star.

"Not only can it destroy a star... Next slide."

The screen now showed the Galaxy at large, covered by color that flashed the same six colors.

"But the resulting explosion will create a shockwave in all planets that destroys nearby stars.  Next slide."

Now on the screen were several explosions on the same picture of the galaxy, this time a mix of colors more than anything.

"And the stars will create similar explosions.  As you may be able to imagine, this will cause a chain reaction that kinda... screws the whole galaxy over.  Next slide."

The next slide placed a transparent black screen over the image with the words "GAME OVER BOZOS" written on top of it in red.

"...Any questions?" asked Bit.

"...This is.  A lot to take in."

"Yeah, it.  Yeah," said Bit, "Are you ready to.. At least try to save the galaxy maybe?"


"Alright!  Gilgamesh, prepare for takeoff," said Bit as she excitedly grabbed the yoke.


"Bit, is it... is it too late to..."

The ship fastened Pix's seatbelt for her.  She let out a curse.

"It's fine, I have rags for you if you piss yourself," Bit said casually, "I did it too once in my early days."


Deep down, Pix knew she was safe, but good god, the tension.  She started taking deep breaths to calm herself.

"You gonna be okay?"

"I hope," Pix said as her breath shook.


The ship lifted off the ground and slowly accelerated upwards.  Pix reached for Bit's hand, who was too busy pulling up.  "Sorry, Pix."

Pix could feel her heart racing and her bladder releasing as she held onto her seat for dear life and the ship burst past the grey and raining clouds and past the planet.  Bit typed in a set of coordinates in the console once the acceleration wasn't terrible, and Pix could see the planet from space, looking past the windshield in awe.

"By the cosmos," Pix whispered to herself.

"Cool view, right?"  Bit looked at Pix and smiled again. "Don't worry 'bout your mess.  It's easy to clean."

Pix huffed in embarrassment.

"Right, now we just gotta press this button aaaand..."  Bit casually pressed a big red button that said "phase out man" in her handwriting, all lowercase, and the ship was enveloped in blue and white streaks all around.

"Gilgamesh, turn on artificial gravity."

There was a fair bit of clattering in the drawers under the control board as Bit took off her seatbelt.  "There.  Girl's first flight into the cosmos," she said, "It's safe now."

Pix took off her seatbelt and slowly stood up, her legs shaking.

"Are you okay?" Bit asked.

"I... yeah.  Just. Agh."

"I'll clean up after you.  You can clean yourself up and lie down if you need. It's... a lot, I know."

"Yeah, I'd... Thank you."

"No problem."

As Pix hobbled to the bathroom, Bit sat down and sighed, letting herself wind down just a bit.  "Pix is more nimble than I am and she's not used to space yet," she softly reminded herself as she put on her crown and sunglasses, "she'll be fine."

The chaos had died down.

Pix silently got up as she pondered to herself the events that had transpired.

"Oh!  You're up!" Bit said excitedly, looking up from a game of solitaire. "How are you feeling?"

"Better," Pix said sheepishly, "Where are we going?"

"If I punched the coordinates right, we're going to Europa III."

"...I think I read about that."

"Yeah.  There's a powerful artifact in Castle Sinclair Girnigoe.  I'm betting it's one of the keys we need."



"Why do we need the keys?"

"Oh!  I want to destroy the Starbreaker before dad gets his hands on it."

There was a short pause.

"That makes sense, actually.  Are you sure we don't need all the keys for that?"

"I don't know," Bit admitted, "But either way, I know that dad will do anything to get those keys.  Blackmail, torture, mass murder, you know, normal bad guy things."

"Yeesh," Pix exclaimed, "Sounds like a piece of work."

"Yeah," Bit sighed, "I've had to live with him for decades.  It's soul-crushing."

Pix's ears drooped. "Do you... wanna talk about it?"

"Not really," Bit said as she stood up, "We'll be there in about twelve hours.  We can kill a couple before I go to bed if you want."

"Alright," Pix said as she perked up a little, "What do you have?"

Bit walked to the cockpit and opened a drawer.  "Video games, mostly."

"What's.. A video game?"

"What? ...Oh," Bit said, "Right, I.  Forgot not everyone in the galaxy had access to videogames.  Sorry." She started making awkward gestures.  "So... basically, you know games, right?"


"Video Games are games in... video form.  You play it with one of these."

Bit held up a controller that had six face buttons, a couple sticks... Pix has no idea what they were supposed to be.  "You wanna at least try?  There are tons to go around."

Pix opened the games drawer and fanned through the titles until she picked up a game called HYPERSHAUGHTER .  "Would this work?" She asked.

"That's a singleplayer experience."

"Aw.  Alright."

Pix then continued until she found another game: Keebo and the Mystic Curse .

"Keebo and the Mystic Curse," said Bit, "Not a bad game."

"Is it multiplayer?"

"..If memory serves right," Bit shrugged, "I've never had anyone to share my video games with, soooo... I hope so."

"Alright, cool, let's boot it up!"

Pix then proceeded to spend the next two hours trying to work a controller while Bit struggled to slow down for her.  Neither of them would truly forget that night, as despite the messy gameplay on both ends, Pix and Bit shared their laughter and joy with each other the whole way through.

And once Bit called it a night and went to sleep, Pix spent an extra hour opening an extra file and getting acquainted with the game by herself, keeping the volume low before she grew bored and instead picked up a book from Bit's shelf, opened it, and got lost in the text before she slowly drifted off on the couch.


Pix and Bit, long awake and fed, sat in the cockpit as Bit grabbed the yoke of the ship.  "Right," said Bit, "you know what the plan is, right?"

"...Try to reason with Queen Mera and hope she doesn't kill us?" Pix guessed.

"I'd say so, yeah," Bit shrugged, "If that fails, then and only then do we resort to violence."

"Got it."

"So, are you ready to land?"

Pix was shaking a little.  She took a decent breath before she looked at Bit and nodded.  "Used the bathroom and everything," she confirmed.

"Alright, good, because I've only landed this thing once while I was under stress.  We'll be okay."

"You what?"

"Gilgamesh, turn off artificial gravity."

Pix felt her weight briefly disappear before gravity tried to separate her from her chair as Bit pushed the yoke, entering the atmosphere in a ball of fire.

"We're safe, right?"

"Yep," Bit nodded, "The ship is naturally shielded from fire.  We'll be fine."

Landing was slightly rough once the fire died.  Pix jumped in her seat as Bit made contact with the ground, careful not to shout.  Once the ship was stable, bit let go of the yoke and smiled at Pix.

"I don't know if I'm getting used to this anytime soon," Pix chuckled to herself as she took off her seatbelt and stood up, letting herself stabilize before she opened the door outside and climbed down the ladder.

Under Pix's feet was a stone platform built for landing ships, some larger or smaller than Bit's and in as many styles as there were ships.

"...Woah." Pix exclaimed in awe.

"This is a parking lot," Bit said, "It's meant to be common knowledge around most of the galaxy.  Have you ever seen one before?"

"I've read about them, but I've bever seen one in person.  This looks cool!" Pix looked excitedly at Bit. "And you look cool with those pearls around you.  I thought I might mention that."

"Thank you," Bit giggled, "They're both fashion accessories and my main weapon.  They just.  Hit people.  That's all.  Blunt damage.  Only used in a jiffy."

"...I thought you had your tail?"

"Oh, this thing?" Bit lifted her tail, wagging it ever so slightly. "That's fluff at the end.  I just pretended it was a mace to make sure those people attacking you stood back."

"Ohhhhh, like our chests, okay!" Pix nodded as she began walking along a path out of the parking lot, with Bit close to follow. "That being said, have I thanked you for that?"

Bit paused.

"I.  Huh." She realized.

"Thanks, then.  Come on, let's see if we can get our hands on the key."

Bit smiled as she followed Pix, her pace slowing just a little as she took in the sights that revealed themselves to her as she left the parking lot.

It was as incredible as the idea she dreamed of as a child when she first learned about Europa III.  The sun shined bright over the plant-filled landscape and the stone paths embedded in the ground and the buildings that while small served their purpose.  The florics that resided on the planet were bright and colorful, with green leaves that soaked in the sun and sturdy stalks that were unbothered by their walking.  The summer buildings in particular were designed to facilitate photosynthesis, as the roofs were built with skylights.

Bit was tempted to sit down and soak in the rays of the sun herself, almost wishing she wasn't there for a mission.  The florics were slowly turning their attention to her, whispering to themselves as Bit remembered how important she was, and Pix excitedly ran around on her own terms.

"Vermillion?  Is that really him?"

"Look, mom, it's a prince!"

"The heir of Raven!"

"The prince of Kevnar!"

"My, what is he doing here?"

Bit had to remember that her transness wasn't public.  Pix, too, heard the whispers and rushed to Bit's side, and Bit had to stop herself from reaching for her hand.

"Oooooh-kaaaay, what do we do?" Pix asked in a hushed whisper to her ally.

"Uhhhhh.  Back me up, I guess." responded Bit.


"People of Europa III!"

Everyone who hasn't turned to Bit and Pix already turned.

"I am working against Kevnar's interests to warn you of a grave threat posed by its king.  The entire galaxy is in danger, and I wish to warn the queen.  And bring my friend with me.  Please."

Pix waved to the crowd. "Kevnar sucks to live in but Bit- uhhhh..."

"It's okay, they don't know me by that name yet," Bit casually interjected,  "You can.  Call me Vermillion this one time."

"Prince Vermillion saved my life from an environment created by the king, and we...  Uh..."

"Pix here is bound to be essential to the safety of the Galaxy so she's coming with me.  Uh...  Yeah."

"By Europa's light just take the train already!" said a floric from the back.

"Oh.  Okay.  We'll.  Just go now."

Pix and Bit casually left for the train station that would lead directly to Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, hearing hushed whispers from the back of the crowd.

"Why would the prince ally himself with a mousedog from the next star over?"

"Why does the mousedog call him a name we've never heard?"

"If his words are lies, may Europa's light shine upon her."

"If he speaks the truth, may her light shine upon us all."

"Your father?  A threat to the galaxy?" The arrogant queen Mera laughed on her oaken throne, fanned by her subjects shrouded in shadows, her great crown bearing the key on its front and center. "I haven't heard of a fairytale so grand in years."

"If I may, queen Mera," interjected Pix, "May I remind you of the seven year scourge on Europa?  You of all people should know what Kevnar is capable of unchallenged."

"Dearie me," responded Mera in a condescending voice, "you know well that was a century ago."

"Which proves that, like Bit, I have read my history.  And unlike her, I've done it on my own accord."

"To be fair, most of what I got was propaganda," Bit said to supplant her ally's statement, "I have never heard of the Scourge before Pix mentioned it just this morning and I offer my condolences to the lives lost.  All I ask is to atone for the atrocities committed against your planet and use your key to destroy the Starbreaker.  My father plans to use it to destroy everything .  You.  Your kingdom." Bit's words became frantic as she pleaded. "Your riches and your subjects.  Your very legacy will collapse before your eyes!  Europa herself will die if he wins!  Please, your majesty, let go of your damn pride this one time!"

"And why would someone want to destroy everything anyway?" Asked Mera, as if the question was rhetorical in nature, as rage and frustration built up in Bit's heart. "He has everything he desires.  A delusional son to follow him, a horrid little set of planets to play with, and whatever this animalistic vermin is." She gestured to Pix, who resisted everything she had to hiss at her. "Honestly, I wouldn't believe you in-"

"IT'S BECAUSE OF ME!" Bit shouted in rage and frustration at the queen, startling Pix as she looked at her in disbelief. Only she would notice the tears in her eyes.

"It's... Because of me."

Bit took a deep breath.

"My father, King Raven, hates how colorful and diverse the world is.  It's a fact that even alienates my mother from him.  He would repeatedly tell me that I'm not good enough to be his heir.  I'm his firstborn, next in line for the throne. He told me, several times as a kid, he would rather the galaxy be dead than I be a girl, and, well..."

Pix held Bit's hand.

"When he found out, he was furious.  He can't fathom me being my own person, much less... me.  He beat me, he tried to kill me, he...  My mother intervened, and... and... I... all I..."

Bit began to sob, covering her eyes with her hands.  Pix, feeling sympathy for her companion, reached for her, but didn't know how she should comfort her.

"What. What is she doing?" asked Mera, "Is she crying?  In my court?  Honestly, I didn't know Kevnar royals were this pathetic."

A flare of rage suddenly hit Pix in response to Mera's apathetic words, and without a shred of thought behind her words, Pix too shouted.


Bit's sobbing subsided, looking straight at Bit with reddish eyes. "Wh.  did you just."

"...I just swore at the queen." Pix realzed, before laughing. "Yeah, you know what, I'm gonna own it too!" Pix grinned at Queen Mera and took a step towards her.  "Your highness, with all due respect, I hope everyone in your kingdom gets to know what kind of apathetic, no-good, piece of sh -"

Pix and Bit were then holed up in a small, dank cell lined with stone, with the only lighting around being some torches between cell doors hanged on walls.

"Worth it," Pix said with a smile, crossing her arms and blowing a raspberry at the guard, who paid no attention to her. "Hey, Bit, how was-"

Pix's feeling of catharsis wore off when she saw Bit sobbing in the corner of the cell, banging against the floor with a fist.


Pix silently walked up to Bit and sat by her.

"I.  just. Couldn't sit by and let her tear you apart.  I'm sorry."

Bit lifted her head towards Pix.

"It's... it's okay."  Bit took another deep breath. "I should have let dad kill me.  At least then the galaxy would be safe."

"What?  Bit, it's not your fault the galaxy's in danger."

"You heard me.  He wants to destroy the galaxy because of me."

"You're just trying to live.  We both understand that.  And look at you.  If it weren't for you, my body would be... put in a casket and left to rot or something.  You've only shown me kindness since you saved me.  I'm just... trying to give it back."

Bit sighed and looked at Pix. "I... Think I needed to hear that."

"Now come on," Pix smiled before she leaned into Bit's ear to whisper. "Now, let's find a way to bust out of here.  I think I already see an exploit and-"

As if on cue, the two heard a small explosion and the guard dropped the keys running towards the source.

"...Huh, or that," Pix said sheepishly, "Wanna take the key and get out?"

After less than a few seconds of fiddling, Pix and Bit were out of their five minute imprisonment and creeping through the dungeons of the castle, keeping their footsteps hushed to avoid detection.  The current goal was to get Pix's rings and Bit's pearls, which were kept...  They didn't know where they were kept but if they had to guess then they were on the first floor.  Fortunately, due to whatever was happening in floors touched by sunlight, there were very few guards to avoid or dispatch as the majority were dealing with the attack on the castle.  The sounds of screams and gunfire became less and less muffled as they ascended floors, and at a certain point, one of the invading soldiers had managed to sneak into the dungeon and hold Pix by gunpoint.  A lizard, like Bit, with green scales and dressed in a black and blue uniform with a red bird-shaped sigil on his chest.  Pix raised her hands, her heart racing, before Bit came in clutch and tackled the soldier from behind, allowing a moment for Bit to kick him in the face, having him shout as he let go of his bulky firearm.  Bit immediately lowered her knees to lift the gun, but she found herself struggling more than she expected, the gun in question being deceptively heavy.

"Need help?" Pix asked.  Bit nodded, and Pix lifted the firearm while careful to stay clear of its barrel.  "Right, thanks," she quickly said to Bit, who simply smiled.

"Don't mention it," Bit said between breaths before the two navigated the rest of the dungeons with ease.  Fortunately, there weren't any other soldiers who were curious enough to go down the dungeon.  The warden's office was also easy to find- in a room on a far corner in the first dungeon floor stood a floric who had a necklace with three gold stars hanging from her neck, holding a mace as she opened a small gate.  Before she could notice them, however, Pix had tucked herself and Bit behind a corner.

"Okay," Bit whispered, "so what's the plan?"

There was a short discussion.  As soon as they agreed on something, Pix ran off and Bit fired the gun, drawing the Warden's attention to her.  Bit smiled and waved.

"By Europa," the Warden sighed before Bit too ran off, given chase by the Warden along the stone floors, quickly hopping to grab one of the many torches on the wall as Pix stuck in the Warden's room.  Turns out holding a mace and locking the door is not a skill that the Warden had perfected.  Only a few drawers later and she had found their confiscated items.  Pix's rings, and Bit's pearls, shade, and even crown.  Pix giggled a little as she put all of these on, hoping Bit would catch a glimpse of her as Bit and the Warden ran through the walls, the former using a torch to keep the Warden just out of striking distance.  The guards had noticed them, and Bit knew she had little time left before she was surrounded.  And she was.  Turns out, it's also quite easy to surround someone in a hallway. She sighed as the guard in front of her poked his spear at her and forced her to put her hands up.  The warden, still behind her, raised her mace... And dropped it as she was hit on her back with Pix's ring, before being pummeled by her as the mace landed on her leg, causing her to shout and curse in pain, quickly hanging to the side.  The guard lunged at Pix, but Bit casually put a foot under his path which caused him to trip and fall, instinctively dropping the spear in the process.

"Some guards you are," Bit laughed as she walked off, setting down the torch far enough away so that the guards would be blocked off, but not hurt as she looked at Pix.

"Wow," Bit said, amazed at the interesting look generated by Pix wearing her clothes, "I see you got my drip.  Looks good on you."

"What the hell is drip?" Pix asked.

Bit hesitated. Just a little bit.

"Well, it's...  I'll tell you when we're out of this.  We should go upstairs and get the key if we can."

"You're dodging the question," Pix half-teased.

"I know," Bit teased back.

The once peaceful walls of the castle have become a warzone.

The florics, outclassed by Kevnar weaponry, had been reduced to small groups that Bit witnessed taking soldiers by surprise in one of the many corridors of the castle, the blood of the successfully killed soldiers staining the green carpets.

"Bit?" Pix asked with a shaky tone.


"I... I'm scared."

"I am too," Bit sighed, "Do you remember the way to the court?"

Pix nodded, brushing her hand by Bit.  Bit grabbed her hand and gave her a smile as they walked through the halls, remaining vigilant as Pix grabbed a ring, and Bit a pearl, with their free hands.

And through the halls, they walked until they were attacked once more, this time by a group of soldiers who had their firearms raised against them.  

"It's the traitor and his partner!"

"Open fire!"

But the two were ready- as soon as they registered the threat, Pix threw a ring at one of the soldiers and jumped to avoid the inevitable gunfire- using the other ring as the gem on her forehead glowed to attract herself to the first ring and kick the soldier in the face, quickly backed up by a pearl Bit threw.  Bit, too, was able to move fast enough to avoid being shot- using the walls and her lack of heavy combat gear to her advantage as she used every notch she could to climb the castle walls, latching onto a small light fixture above before it broke under her weight.

"Look out!"

Pix was able to dodge before the fixture fell on a soldier, and Bit jumped off to tail-swipe another.  The last ran before Bit threw a pearl at him, knocking him too unconscious.

And then there was some silence as the two collected themselves.  Most of the soldiers were down for the count, but still breathing- with the exception of the one that had the light fixture fall on him, who had a glass shard embedded in their neck.

Bit was mortified.

And Pix noticed her shaking, her hands covering her mouth.  Pix then noticed the bloody corpse of the soldier, and sighed.

"If it makes you feel any better, you... you know why they were trying to kill us."

"I.. I know, but... god ." Bit covered their face before they took a deep breath, and with shaking legs continued onwards.

And soon enough, they were right next to the court, where Pix and Bit were just in time to witness a blood-colored Kevnar general, decorated in all sorts of gems and trinkets from other worlds on his armor and surrounded by his men, shoot the queen in the head.  She fell off of her mighty throne and on the ground, her crown falling off as the general bent down and pried the key from it.

"Right, then," said the general, "I want a channel with the King."

On the throne appeared a hologram of a dark-scaled, almost dragon-like being that seemed to tower over the general himself.  His crown was pronounced on his head, his frills took the shape of unfurled wings, and he wore a chestplate of gold.

Bit gasped as she turned back.  It was her father.

"General Crimson," said King Raven in a tone imposing as his stature,

"Did you get the first key?"

"Yes, my lord." said the general.

"And did you find my son?"

"I did not."

King Raven sighed.  "Alright then.  Do me a favor as you leave and torch the planet."


"You heard me.  There will always be flowery filth on that planet.  And it's filth I want to get rid of.  Torch the planet."

"A..as you wish, my lord."

The hologram disappeared.

"Well," said Crimson as he turned to face the other soldiers, "You heard the King.  Let's finally burn this planet down."

"Sir, yes, sir!" said the soldiers, as they began to take their leave.

"What now?" asked Bit to Pix-  Who had already thrown a ring at Crimson and latched it around his neck.  Everyone noticed.

"Run.  Warn the locals."

Pix used her magic gem to pull Crimson himself back to her as Bit eked out of view, while Pix snatched the key from Crimson's hands as ire immediately opened on her-  But it was too late, Pix had jumped out of line, and Crimson screamed in pain as he was hit on the shoulder.


Pix was quick to catch up to Bit, appearing right next to her with the Key.

"Holy gems!  How?" Bit asked as the two rushed out of the entrance to the castle.

"I don't know!" Pix replied, "But I did it, and I feel great!"

Pix and Bit quickly entered the train back to the town they started in as they sat down on one of the many chairs and took a breather, looked at by every passenger in the room.

"Sooooo..  Do you know what's happening?" asked a passenger as Pix held up a finger to catch her breath, eventually responding.

"I think..  Kevnar wants.. To burn the planet," she said in between inhales, her heart racing.

There were murmurs throughout the train after less than a moment.

"They'll need reinforcements to torch the planet," said Bit, "You'll probably have a few hours to prepare, whether you want to evacuate or defend the planet.  But this news has to spread like wildfire, to save as many as you can."

"What about you?"

"We can't fight," Bit said, "I'm sorry.  Pix and I are dealing with a much bigger threat to the galaxy."

"This-" Pix proudly held her green gem- "Is a key to a superweapon called the Starbreaker.  We're using it to overload and destroy the weapon before Bit's dad of all people can destroy the galaxy."

The murmurs increased.

"We... can't promise everything.  Just help us escape, so we can just find some of the keys.  We'll do what we can.  We promise that."

The town was frantic once the train opened.  Once news spread, everyone who had a ship went to a ship, and everyone who didn't tagged along with someone.  There were a couple florics watching over Pix and Bit, and what few Kevnar soldiers there were dealt with as Pix and Bit ran for their ship.  There were already tons of ships rising to the sky, some with weapons and some without, as Pix and Bit quickly stumbled into their own.  Pix threw the gem in a drawer, telling herself she'll keep it in a properly secure place later.  Bit took the yoke as Pix strapped herself by Bit, and the two took off into the sky and into the planet's stratosphere.

There were already a few orbital lasers on the planet.  And there were ships that targeted the orbital lasers as the once peaceful planet was thrust into war.

Bit let out a sigh as she let go of the controls, covering her face and sighing and cursing.

What now? Bit asked herself.

"We need to get out of here as soon as possible," said Pix, "We... fought all we could."

Bit couldn't help but groan.

"We can rest afterwards." Pix said.

"I... I know.  Gilgamesh?  Get us out of here."



A small list of names appeared on the screen.  Forbilia II, Artemis VII, but what really caught Bit's attention was a planet named Helios IV.

"I've... heard of that one."

"Are we going there?" Pix asked.

After a few moments, Bit nodded.  She quickly selected the planet, and let the computer work for a moment.


"Alright," Bit said as she steered the ship, "Let's get the hell out of here.  They'll be safe.  I hope they'll be safe."

Once Bit pressed the hyperdrive button, they were off.

Only then did Pix and Bit truly relax for now.

Once the artificial gravity was on, Bit took her clothes off and hobbled to her room.  Pix collapsed on a bench, sighing as Bit looked at her.

"...My bed's big enough for both of us if you want," said Bit.

"Hm?" Pix lifted her head.

"I said my bed's big enough for both of us.  If you want to snuggle."

"You wanna cuddle?"

"I mean... we almost died.  But we didn't.  I... Just want to help us both."

"Alright, sure," Pix said as she stood, shakily moving to Bit's bedroom.  Bit pat her little head before the two lied in bed together, holding each other in an embrace.

"I'm glad you stayed," Bit whispered as she cupped Pix's cheek with her hand, "I'm so glad you stayed."

And Pix smiled.  And Bit smiled back as the two closed their eyes, slowly dozing off in each other's arms.

Whatever hardships they would run into next, Pix and Bit would always have each other.

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