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by Jpepwepy
"I turned myself into a LEGO, Bit!!"
Character Info
Species: LEGO
Canon: LEGO

Example Usage[edit source]

This code represents the LEGO Pix infobox to the right:

{{infobox OC
| name = LEGO Pix
| image = Jpepwepy-lego-pix.jpg
| caption = by Jpepwepy
| quote = I turned myself into a LEGO, Bit!!
| species = LEGO
| canon = LEGO World}}

This code should be inserted at the top of the page, before the rest of the content.

If some information isn't available, you can just erase the full line. The template will work as long as there is a name.

You can use standard wiki formatting on the text, like bold/italics as well as using links.